:: Collective Management

The trend remains unchanged: More and more companies and organizations are taking advantage of the possibilities and benefits of self-organized forms of team collaboration. Even outside of purely project-oriented work, this type collaboration is to take place company-wide and interdisciplinary: This requires suitable tools and structures. These enable self-organized collaboration to scale and synchronize even in very large organizations and increase its agility.

Teams, departments and business units must be integrated in an interdisciplinary way and sequential business processes must be linked to development or innovation projects. In order to support such coordination, a procedure is needed that is understood by the term Collective Management. 

Not only the technical perspectives of the operative service areas play a role here.
The following areas must be included and coordinated homogeneously:

    - sales, marketing, logistics, finance, IT or HR a role. 

    - Key figure management,

    - the securing of organisational general conditions, 

    - the strategic development of products and business capabilities, 

    - Governance and, last but not least, overarching communication. 

It is simply a matter of integrating the normative, strategic and operational business capabilities and functions of the entire organization.

The activities resulting from these areas of responsibility can be directly identified, organized, prioritized and implemented through collective management by interdisciplinary teams. And all this without the guidelines and instructions of a hierarchical manager. The LaCoCa model and the LaCoCa method provide the necessary structures and procedures. Among other things, it provides a language for the a network of self-organized, self-manded and interdisciplinary collaborating teams. 

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